Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Week Of Ups And Downs

I'm going to try and catch up on this wild week of ups and downs.


This was my first day back to work, but the children don't start back until tomorrow, Wednesday.  I have been wanting to go to the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild for some time, so this Tuesday I decided was the night.  What a great group of women!  I got there right when the meeting began, so I sat down in the back.  I ended up sitting next to another lady would was visiting with her daughters and only lives about 2 miles from me.    I saw my friend Lucy from church.  I thought I might see her as she has invited me many times, so it was good to talk to her after the meeting.   And talk about meeting friends, I met up with my friend Rose.  She belongs to this guild too, but I didn't realize it until I saw her.  What a small world!  But the world got smaller still!  There were treats as always.  (Wouldn't be a good guild meeting without great treats and they had some wonderful treats!) And one of the Hostesses, Jill, told me she reads my blog, which is always exciting to know that some one reads this.  LOL

Jill then told me about how she found my blog and then Jeanine's blog.  She told her friend Kathy who had just moved to Council Bluffs that she should get in touch with Jeanine.  And she did and she came to our quilt group last Saturday.  Plus, come to find out, Kathy just lives about 2 blocks from Jeanine!  It is amazing how all connected we are though blogland.

This was my 15 minutes of quilting.  (I know, I cheated a little!)


The children started school today and I helped in the Kindergarten room.  They were so excited and happy to  be starting school.  I went home tired and fell asleep at 8:30 pm.  I didn't get any quilting done.


Today the Preschoolers started and I was back to home base.  Such a great group of little ones we have.  I love this age and all the fun it is watching the light bulbs go on when they connect ideas!
But that evening was not so great.  A storm came through with lots of lightening and thunder and hail.

And we're talking BIG hail!

So big, it broke through the skylights.

I didn't get any sewing done that night.  We were lucky that we didn't lose the electricity.  What a mess.


I pretty much did nothing.  We had another storm coming though and we put plastic up inside, as my husband hadn't be able to get it done Thursday, the night it happened, and he worked Friday.  The storms started up again early evening on Friday.  Nothing like going out and becoming a human lightening rod, I vetoed that one.


My husband has gotten the tarps on the windows this morning and I feel I can relax a little.  Hoping to get to the sewing room this afternoon.  Wish me luck!

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