Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve! 

 Have you been thinking of goals for the new year?  I know I have.  Again, so many choices!  I have UFOs and so many new projects to start.  Plus some new projects that I never started last year that were on my UFO list.

I have decided I need to blog more often than I did this past year.  There have been a few things going on that have held me up, the most important, my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October.  I kind of went into a depression as a result of that.  She did tell me I could share this news with you and to remind you how important it is the get your annual mammogram.   She is handling it great!  She will start chemo in January so I will keep you up to date with her,

The other thing that is keeping me from sewing is the hot mess that is my sewing room.  Things have gotten thrown in there plus I have taken home UFOs from Quilt Day.  The most recent, string blocks.  One of the members had 30 foundation blocks started.  She used red as the center of each one.  The beginning of November she asked me to help her.  Told I would, but I couldn't work on it until after Thanksgiving.  So at the December meeting she gave 20 of the blocks to our leader.  I took them home and have been working on the last 10 blocks. I know this isn't enough for a quilt, so will have to make even more.

I finished four yesterday.  I had two others done, so just have 4 more to finish.  Hope to have this part of the project done today.  Part of making these blocks has been to cut a bag of scrap that had been donated to the group.  I've been cutting 2.5 inch squares and any string leftover are being used for the string blocks.

I think one goal I have is to get other peoples projects out of my sewing room, as in finish them up and say no to future projects until I get a few of my own done.  I don't even know how many UFO projects from Quilts From The Bluffs I have, I've just been storing them in a big tub.  They aren't going to help anyone sitting in the tub!  Time to get busy!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Black Hole?

I know, did I fall into a black hole?  I haven't been getting much sewing done of late.  Or blogging for that matter, as you well know.  Lots of things going on, as happens to everyone.

Still working on Celtic Solstice, it's not done.  Still on my four patches.  My sewing Karma has been off and it's hard to get the mojo going again.  It doesn't help that my sewing/quilting room is a hot mess.  I keep putting projects in it and for some reason the elves don't come at night and finish them.  I'm hoping this month will be better...