Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Is Over

Spring Break is over and tomorrow will be back to the regular schedule.  But I did get some things done and I'm very happy with all that I accomplished.

First, I did finish covering the curtains for the Home Office.  I started with a pair of curtains I bought at Target as the liner.  There is strong sun at these windows and I didn't want to fade the "good" fabric.  Once I got going, it went pretty fast.

I cut out some more hexies.  As you can see, really heavy on the blue and yellows.  So I need to buy some more of the 30's reproduction fabrics in pinks, lavenders and greens.  Also some orange and red would be good.

Much to my relief, I finished sewing all the little winged HST.  One hundred of them have been sewn to a plain white triangle.  

The other 250 are being used to complete a rectangle block using the red string blocks .  I have most of them pinned and just these few are sewn.

All in all, a very productive Spring Break.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Woo Hoo

I think I finished sewing my 350 winged half square triangles.  Only one small problem:
 I had 20 black wings leftover.  Not sure if I missed counted the number of wings or the number of half square triangles.  Time will soon tell.
 We had an out of town funeral visitation to go to last night, so I took all of my winged HST and a tin of pins and pinned winged HST to their companions.  I ran out of travel time before I ran out of HSTs to pin.  SO I pinned for an hour and still didn't get them all done.  I've been thinking about the amount of time I have spent on the making of this quilt. It is truly a labor of love.  Love of quilting.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Day Late

I know, I'm a day late for Add It Up Wednesday.  But I'm still going to bore you with my results.  :-)

Step 1  228 quarter square triangles - DONE
Step 2   72 blue string blocks - DONE
Step 3  350 half square triangles - DONE
Step 4    64 red string blocks -DONE
Step 5  700 black triangles -DONE
Step 6  112  2.5 inch black squares -DONE
            112  2.5 inch light squares - DONE
              52 2.5 inch red squares - DONE
              26 light Ohio Star blocks - DONE
              26 dark Ohio Star blocks - DONE
Step 7  sew the 700 black triangles to the 350 half square triangles (2 on each side) -DONE
Step 8  127 red string triangles combined with the 254 half square winged triangles - 6
            100 half square winged triangles set with 100 light triangles -50
Step 9  The big finish:  put all of the blocks together in rows and sew rows together. -zero
Step 10  Make borders using 100 blocks made in Step 8. - zero

I've been trying to do some of the blocks as leaders and enders to help with completing the quilt.  It has given me some hope.

I'm off work this week for Spring Break and I had high hopes for completing this quilt.  But, I needed to work on it and it only.  And I was fickle and did not.  I traced hexies.  I trimmed and sewed string blocks together for quilt day.  (Couldn't finish that project as I was short 2 blocks.  I thought I had all the blocks sewn when I brought them home.  Oh well, what's another UFO.)  I cleaned in my sewing room.  I defrosted my upright freezer so that it's ready for this years harvest.  (Strawberries are already blooming, won't be long before I'm picking them!)  Started curtains for the home office.

As you can see I have all kinds of excuses reasons why I haven't completed this quilt.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love lilacs and ours are in full bloom!
You can hardly see the shed behind the bushes.
I finished ironing my fabrics for hexies and my cutting table looks much better.  However, I still have the hexies to trace, so it's not put away yet.  But it's getting there.  I also worked on my winged HST.  I have 120 left to go!  Then I can finish the blocks they are a part of and put the quilt together.  I can hardly wait.

I also started some curtains for my husband's home office.  (We share it, but it's decorated the way he wanted.)  I'm not sure why I said I would make the curtains, but I have decided I'm done doing that.  It's feels like it's taking away valuable quilting time.  LOL  It's a lot of work and I didn't have much luck with the last set of curtains I tried to make.  And I'm not really making them, I'm covering a pair of curtains as I needed a lining and I had way to much trouble with doing that last time.  Either way,  they will end up OK and we'll use them, or worse case, we're buying curtains.  And I'm going to let him do it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Fun

It's been a busy weekend.  The weather has been so beautiful and warm that everything that we normally do in the Spring has been pushed up to now.  Chores that I do in April and May are needing done now.  But that's OK, I'm loving the weather.  Saturday we went to a Master Gardener Conference and we always come away inspired and full of ideas of things we want to try and do.  Went to a lecture by one of the owners of Loess Hills Lavender Farm.  We're thinking of adding lavender to the butterfly garden as they seem to love the plants. I currently have it in my herb garden.

Today I've been working on winged triangles for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt and tracing and cutting out hexies.  Not sure why I was in the mood to press fabric and get the hexies ready, but it was very relaxing.
I love 1930's reproduction fabrics.

I bought this case at Joann Fabrics years ago.  

The top of the case is vinyl and it's great to see all of your fabrics.  I'm putting what's leftover of the fat quarters in here and the bigger pieces are being wrapped on the comic boards and going on the shelf.  I think the desire to cut hexies may have been related to organizing my quilting room.  It's still a big mess of fabric everywhere.