Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Is Over

Spring Break is over and tomorrow will be back to the regular schedule.  But I did get some things done and I'm very happy with all that I accomplished.

First, I did finish covering the curtains for the Home Office.  I started with a pair of curtains I bought at Target as the liner.  There is strong sun at these windows and I didn't want to fade the "good" fabric.  Once I got going, it went pretty fast.

I cut out some more hexies.  As you can see, really heavy on the blue and yellows.  So I need to buy some more of the 30's reproduction fabrics in pinks, lavenders and greens.  Also some orange and red would be good.

Much to my relief, I finished sewing all the little winged HST.  One hundred of them have been sewn to a plain white triangle.  

The other 250 are being used to complete a rectangle block using the red string blocks .  I have most of them pinned and just these few are sewn.

All in all, a very productive Spring Break.


Jean said...

Great job! you got the curtains finished and they look great. Glad you are getting all the little things done so you can start putting the blocks together.
It was hard going back to work, huh? 32 more days!

Deb said...

What a productive spring break you had! I love your hexies!! Do you have a plan for them? How big are they? I have bunches of 1930's fabric I would be happy to share with you!!