Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Fun

It's been a busy weekend.  The weather has been so beautiful and warm that everything that we normally do in the Spring has been pushed up to now.  Chores that I do in April and May are needing done now.  But that's OK, I'm loving the weather.  Saturday we went to a Master Gardener Conference and we always come away inspired and full of ideas of things we want to try and do.  Went to a lecture by one of the owners of Loess Hills Lavender Farm.  We're thinking of adding lavender to the butterfly garden as they seem to love the plants. I currently have it in my herb garden.

Today I've been working on winged triangles for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt and tracing and cutting out hexies.  Not sure why I was in the mood to press fabric and get the hexies ready, but it was very relaxing.
I love 1930's reproduction fabrics.

I bought this case at Joann Fabrics years ago.  

The top of the case is vinyl and it's great to see all of your fabrics.  I'm putting what's leftover of the fat quarters in here and the bigger pieces are being wrapped on the comic boards and going on the shelf.  I think the desire to cut hexies may have been related to organizing my quilting room.  It's still a big mess of fabric everywhere.    


The Sunflower Patch said...

That is a cool case,love how you can see what is inside!
Your 1930's fabrics are super cute :)

Is that a Forsythia bush up there? It sure is pretty,our trees are just starting to put on the first leaves!

Jean said...

Sounds like a great day! I noticed my garden is already full of weeds!