Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pajama Morning

Pajamas - a loose suit for sleeping or lounging.

Yesterday morning was a pajama and sewing morning.  To start off, I finished piecing this table runner.

I just bought this at Prairie Star Quilts this past weekend and decided since I've been on a roll with table runners, I'd get it done!  Problem for me now, is the piano key border is not totally in sync, I can't do linear quilting.  So will have to think on this a few days to see what it tells me it needs.

While looking for backing for the table runner, I came across this:

Again, from Prairie Star Quilts.  I had gone to Pumpkin Gatherings in the Fall of 2007 and this was the kit we made.  I had worked on it all day that Saturday I was there and then the first Quilt Retreat that Quilts From The Bluffs sponsored, I finished all the blocks.  Except one.  I didn't have enough hourglass sections.  So here was a note from my friend Karen,
So I finally went through the charm squares I have and found some fabrics to finish the blocks.  (As you can see in the picture above.)  Now all I have left is the sashing and maybe a border.  Not sure if I'm going to work on it now or save it to take to this year's Retreat.

Then with that sense of accomplishment, I started putting my string blocks together.  Yes I finally have enough done!

At about 11:00 am, I decided it was time to shower and get going on the rest of the day.  The garden was calling as the weather was beautiful.
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