Monday, August 1, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

My sister, Deb and I met for lunch today to catch up on all the goings on and to go to the Sarpy County Museum to see a quilt show.  Lunch was fun and good.  But the museum is closed on Mondays.  So we decided to head over an antique/craft boutique and it was closed on Mondays also. :-(

So the best laid plans were foiled.  We both now have to check our calendars to see if we can meet up again this week before we both go back to work.


The Sunflower Patch said...

Sorry that your plans were foiled! But the good thing is that you got to spend some time with your Sis :) I see mine once a year,or every other year :( But we make the most of the time we have together!

Deb said...

Let's see...we know we DON'T want to get together next Monday!! :) Seriously, it was good to see you!!

Deb (your not very evil sister today)