Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

Do you ever feel like this?  You are sewing along on your project and you really want to start something new?  I've been looking at this quilt on my calendar all of June.

Very simple, just half square triangles done with light and dark fabrics.  So I resisted all month.  Then Friday, Missouri Star Quilt Company comes out with this tutorial, The Disappearing Hourglass quilt, on video.  I'm watching it and she makes HST with 2 pieces of fabric from a 10 inch layer cake.  Oh. My. Goodness!  It all clicked.  I can make my HSTs using this method.  Now I know I have seen something like this before and I'm sure it's even pinned on my Pinterest boards.

But it felt so revolutionary to actually see this done.  The squares will be a little bigger, but that's OK, as I want to make a twin size charity quilt.  So now what?  Do I drop everything and start this?  Or keep working on my 2014 list?

So, does this ever happen to you?  And when it does, how do you handle it???

UPDATE:  And yes I do want to go buy the materials needed to make the Disappearing Hourglass quilt!!
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