Saturday, April 30, 2011


Blowing in the wind.

It was a little more windy than I thought it might be.  (Looking out the window, it didn't look too bad.)
All the borders are on and now to find a backing so I can quilt it.

I was flat on my back under the quilt to get this picture.  I love how the sun shines through it, like stain glass.


Diana Symanowicz said...

Karen - that is gorgeous. I love the way it finished up. And congrats for taking a totally awesome picture. It does look like stain glass. Do you do your own quilting also? I don't have the room in my house for the set up. Diana

Heather said...

The quilt looks great. I am envious of your blue skies.

Jean said...

It looks awesome! You did a great job! Love it!

The Sunflower Patch said...

Ohhh, so beautiful! Love how it turned out. You are right, it does look like stained glass :) We only had a light breeze today! Yay :)

Deb said...

The quilt and the pictures came out great. Isn't it nice when Mother Nature cooperates at the same time you finish a quilt top?!! Good luck coming up with a fun idea for the back. I know you will figure that "puzzle" out also!! Just hope it doesn't involve as much math!! :)