Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mini Retreat

And the stitching begins!  Friday night I finished cutting the last of my "lead" strips for the stain glass Turning Twenty.  Bright and early Saturday morning the sewing started.
Patti had the first finish!  Cute ABC quilt.

Saturday night  is here and all I had done was one row.  All the other blocks were in various stages of completion.   I had hoped to finish sewing the whole quilt. 
I'm terrible at judging how long things will take me.  We didn't sew the entire day though.  We went out to lunch at PJs Diner and they had a great "quilt" block on the side of the building.  I'm thinking Diner Quilt vs Barn Quilt.  We went for a walk before we left to eat, glad we did!  I got a little sun as you can tell from my face.  I burn very easily.

After lunch we stopped at a cute little shop called "Abigail Anne's", sorry, no picture.

This is the view of the lake from the deck, it was so peaceful.

Patti also made 2 string blocks on Sunday. I finished sewing all my blocks together and will finish sewing the rows together at home. We also got Patti's ABC quilt ready to be quilted as Patti has never done that.  And she's going to try quilting it herself, Go Patti!

Had a wonderful weekend,  Thanks Patti!
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