Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puzzle Is Done

My puzzle is all put together!  I went out this afternoon looking for indigo or black Kona Cotton to use for the border.  I knew that the Hancock Fabrics in my town didn't have those two colors or I would have bought it Saturday when I had my class.  Since I live near another city, I went in search of my fabric.  First Hancock Fabrics I went to didn't have either color.  Second one I went to didn't have either color.  Third time the charm and I found both indigo and black.  However the indigo didn't have enough yardage so I got the black.  (I was really leaning towards the indigo, but that's OK.) I'm going to border the puzzle in black and then add another row of puzzle pieces around the outside.  At least that's my plan. 
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