Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Class

I took a class this morning at a local Hancock Fabrics store.  We're making a jigsaw puzzle quilt.  I've wanted to do one of these for some time and I thought this was the perfect time.  It gave me the whole day to work on it.  (Some of the pieces are on my sewing machine, that's why there are the white spaces.)

This is Jean who taught the class.  I know, I caught her talking to us about the quilt.  She is a great teacher.  Her blog is here with more pictures of the class she taught last Saturday.  Love the way the quilts turn out.

Another view of my quilt.  I had all the centers sewn together and the first row is done. Deja Vu, right?  Just like the quilt last weekend.  I have some sewing to do!

1 comment:

Jean said...

kinda scary how much talking I do in class! lol It was fun having you in class yesterday, and can't wait to see this quilt finished!