Saturday, February 9, 2013


Success!  I finished my B blocks for Easy Street.

Yesterday I took a personal day from work.  We had been planning to go to MN to see the grands, but the weather is going to be yucky for the trip home, so we didn't go.  I'm really sad not to see those cute little faces.  Especially since my grandson had lost his first tooth.  The 2 bottom teeth were almost in, but that's OK.  He's getting so big!

So since I was at home yesterday, I finished up the B blocks and then pulled out a bag of fat quarters and the pattern for Origami bags.  I had them already matched up, so all I needed to do was match thread and sew.   And I did.

I head out for Quilt Day today.  So I'll stop on my way home to pick up ribbon for the ties.   Fun little bags to make.
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