Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Finished

My February UFO for Connie's game is finished!  I love how this came out.  The only thing that was tricky was the binding.  I'm going to research how to do corners that are not 90 degree angles.  Mine are OK, but not the crisp look I really want.

This is a class I took on November 8, 2012 with Jean.  To make one star block, you started with 2 pieces of different fabric and sliced the first angle.  Sewed a narrow strip of fabric (my white) to half of one piece and half to the other piece. It's a convergence quilt of sorts.  Check out the images on Google.  I want to try to make another one.  Love the way it looks so hard, but felt easy to do.

 I have a snow day today, even though it's not snowing.  Yet.  By noon, Storm Q is to be moving through the area and we should get about an inch of snow an hour.  So in the mean time, I have 7 more days to work on another project until the next number is pulled.    Decisions, decisions.
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