Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Fun, Quilty Weekend

It's been another fun, quilty weekend.  I had Thursday and Friday off as snow days.  Which to be truthful, should not have been.  We didn't get near the snow that the weather people were hyping.  Took me a while to block that hype out and settle down to sewing on those days.

Saturday was a very fun day.  The local 4-H groups met to for the second time to finish up Quilts Of Valor quilts.  To see all of the pictures, check out Quilts From The Bluffs blog.  The girls had so much fun and were so happy to finish up these quilts.  One girl even tried to talk her mom into stopping for fabric on the way home so she could make a quilt for herself.  The quilt bug has bit her!

I'm almost done putting my Easy Street blocks together.  Learned a lot about borders yesterday as we were teaching the girls how to measure and attach.  Now to apply it to my quilt.

A little section of my Easy Street quilt, just to tease you.  Sorry for the darkness.  Indoor shot with a dark dreary day outside.  Makes for bad pictures.


Quilts from the Bluffs said...

I admire your patience with small pieces! The quilt will be amazing.

Rachel said...

Karen, so beautiful! Another show stopper quilt!! Thanks again for helping Saturday

Terri in BC said...

I love it! I have 15 A Blocks to finish (for king size) and then I'm at the assembly stage, too. I'm working on it today during QuiltCam.

phigginb said...

Karen that is quite the showy quilt, very nice, you amaze me !

Jean Kritenbrink said...

it's going to be gorgeous!