Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's time for all those resolutions!  I love this blog's resolutions.  The only one I have a "problem" with is Number 3.  I really don't want to know how many UFO's I have.  But I decided I will list all of the UFO's currently in my sewing room.  ( I have "off site" storage in the basement and there are UFO's there too.)

So I'm starting with resolution Number 1 today and I'm going to clean my sewing room.  I'll also find all those UFO's so I can start a list.   I decided I would reward myself with a day devoted to sewing on Wednesday.  I really want to finish my "Easy Street" quilt.

I hate to do this and I really am not proud of this, but my sewing room is a hot mess.  I'm going to show you some before pictures.  I have a number of projects going at one time, my string quilts, my Easy Street quilt, and more. (The reason I need to list the UFOs.)

 There is a daybed lost behind my cutting table and I have a huge pile of fabric on the table from working on "Easy Street".  A pair of pants that I need to resew the hem as it's coming out.

Project boxes and closet. The closet is in pretty good shape, surprisingly.

Wish me luck!

P.S.  I just went back and looked at my Resolutions for 2012, the only thing I think I did was my 15 minutes of sewing.  Didn't blog about it like I said I would and I definitely didn't finish a project a month or quilt one quilt a month.  Wow, I need to get it together and make this year better!


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Jean said...

You are looking good, you can't be productive without making some messes! See you tomorrow! I am going to try to be there at 9:30.

Stitches said...

Good Luck with your resolutions, I need to make at least 1 and that would be to CLEAN AND ORGANIZE my sewing/laundry room..but where o' where do I start?? Happy New Year to you and yours...

Deb said...

I like the link to to the quilt related resolutions. I think you accomplished ALOT in 2012...even if you didn't follow through with all your resolutions!!