Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Back On Easy Street

I'm back to working on my Easy Street blocks.  After I finished Sophie's Twister quilt, I decided it was time to do a little cleaning in my sewing room  Vacuumed and picked up the cutting table.

I'm back to working on my Easy Street blocks.  Working on the B Blocks, I only have 9 of those to make, so I'm hoping I can get them done quickly.


Tomorrow we find out which number is our next UFO on Connie's Game.  Hoping it's not a big project since February is such a short month.


Karen said...

My husband's aunt used to live on Easy Street for real. Every time I see one of the Easy Street blocks, I think of that.

Jean said...

You can do it! I bet you have the parts done, so putting it together will go quickly!

CeLynn said...

You can do it Karen! Love your "B" block :) I am thinking Gothic Windows is going to be my February Lovely finish.