Thursday, January 3, 2013

Step Seven Is Done!

Step Seven of Easy Street is done.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I joined a group of ladies that sew every Tuesday at a local fabric store.  I had a wonderful time.  They do this all year round, so I'm planning on joining them this summer. (Since the store wasn't open on Tuesday, they moved sewing day to Wednesday.  Sounds hardcore, huh?)  Anyway, back to Easy Street, I finished 9 setting triangles yesterday.  I was so excited.  This morning I sat down and finished the other 3.  So nice to have that done.

I took a picture of the corner settings outside on Tuesday as it was so sunny.  Even if it was cold, I thought the sunshine gave a better view of the true colors.

Update on the organizing of the sewing room.  I found 15 UFO's while picking up and putting things back.  Kind of scary, as I have a bunch more in the sewing room closet and in my "off site" storage in the basement.

Then I discovered that Country Threads is playing a UFO game.  I'm joining in!  Sounds like the kind of commitment I need.  At the very least I'll have 12 projects done, which is not in my mind is not "least" at all. Check it out, you know you want to join in and get those UFO's done!
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