Friday, January 25, 2013

Ups And Downs

This has been a week of quilting ups and downs.

Up- I was excited to quilt Sophie's quilt.
Down- I didn't get the borders on very well.
Up- I learned how to take a tuck in the border to take care of some of the "extra" fabric.
Down- I was a little frustrated with myself over the borders.  After all, I've been at this a while, I "shouldn't" have things like that happen. (Just goes to show you, they can.)
Up- When I was showing my husband, he reminded me that we are hardest on ourselves, his example was of the bathroom floor he put in last winter.  He can find all of his "mistakes" and I don't even see them.
Down- I had a hard time getting excited again on Wednesday.  I did my 15 minutes, but really didn't feel like doing more.
Up- Thursday I got busy and finished my "tucks" and removed the basting from Sophie's quilt.
Up- I tried a new pantograph called Daisy Duo.

Through the center there is a line of basting to hold the tuck while I quilted my design.  Then you hand stitch the  tuck and remove the basting thread.
Up- I'm now ready to get the binding made and sewn on.
Up-  This quilt is well on it's way to being done!!
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