Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Easy Street

Everything has come at a rush for the final steps of  Easy Street.  You can see by the new button on my sidebar what the quilt looks like.  Or go to Bonnie's site to check out her finished quilt.

I'm going to list the steps out like I've been doing as Step 7 & 8 haven't even been noted.

Introduction:  Gather fabrics.  (done).
Step One: 194 four-patch blocks. (done)
Step Two: Cut 128 "goose" triangles (done)
                 Cut 256 triangles for the "wings" (done)
                 Make 128 Flying geese units (done)
                 Cut 64  2 x 3.5 inch rectangles ( done)
Step Three: Cut 64 two inch squares (done)
                  Cut 128 triangles for the wings (done)
                  Cut 64 larger half-square triangles (done)
                  Make 64 shaded 4 patches (done)
Step Four: Cut 64 "goose" triangles. (done)
                 Cut 128 triangles for the "wings". (done)
                Make 64 Flying geese units. (done)
                Take 64 geese units from Step 2 and sew them to the 64 units you just made. (done)
                 Cut 145 squares 3.5 inches (done)
Step Five:  Cut 64 squares 3.5 inches, but not the ones cut above. (done)
                 Cut 128 squares 2 inches (done)
                 Sew the 128 squares to the larger 3.5 inch squares at the corners. (done)
                 Cut 16 -  5.5 squares. (done)  
                 Cut the 16 squares with an "X" for 64 quarter square triangles (done)
Step Six:   Sew and cut 128 Stacked brick blocks from strips. (done)
Step Seven: Assemble 4 pieced corner triangles. (done)
                  Assemble 12 pieced setting triangles. (1)
Step Eight: Cut 16 3.5 blocks for the center of Block A. (done)
                 Assemble 16 pieced Block A. (0)
                 Assemble 9 pieced Block B. (0)
                 Lay out all the blocks and setting triangles, sew together.

I do have to share with you a picture of the 4 corner triangles I finished yesterday. 

Corner triangles.

I took the picture outside since it was so sunny. (Cold, but sunny.)  You can really see the colors in the true light of the sun.  I'm really loving this quilt.(Have I said that before?)  And it has gone together so fast!  It took me until August to finish Orca Bay.  I'm not complaining as this quilt really put us on Easy Street!
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