Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street

Step 7 was introduced this morning on Bonnie's blog and I discovered I have not read the directions as well as I should have.  I didn't have 2 x 3.5 bricks cut from Step 2.  I'm kind of scrambling to try and find enough fabric to use for these bricks and for my stacked bricks from Step 6.

I have a confession.  When I was working on Step 4 when we were making the stacked geese, I cut enough wings out of my beige/tan fabrics and it was the wrong color.  At the time I'm thinking  "Oh well, I'll just make some other flying geese with my darker brown fabrics and use them on the back of the quilt."  So it has made me short of fabric in the colors I had chosen. (How many out there have done that one?)

Luckily, as I've been cutting out my strips needed, I cut the rest of the fabric into strips for my Scrap Savers System.  I have cut 5 inch strips that I make charm squares from, but haven't cut the squares yet.  So I have taken those strips, cut off one charm square, and then cut my 2 inch strip needed and two 1.5 inch strips. ( I follow Bonnie's system in that she doesn't cut 3 inch strips.  But she doesn't cut 5 inch strips either and I do. The joy of making something work for you!)

Step 5 - "House" blocks
Step 4 - 3.5 inch squares, 110 shown, the rest have been cut, just not pictured.

Introduction:  Gather fabrics.  (done).
Step One: 194 four-patch blocks. (done)
Step Two: Cut 128 "goose" triangles (done)
                 Cut 256 triangles for the "wings" (done)
                 Make 128 Flying geese units (done)
                 Cut 64  2 x 3.5 inch rectangles ( 30)
Step Three: Cut 64 two inch squares (done)
                  Cut 128 triangles for the wings (done)
                  Cut 64 larger half-square triangles (done)
                  Make 64 shaded 4 patches (done)
Step Four: Cut 64 "goose" triangles. (done)
                 Cut 128 triangles for the "wings". (done)
                Make 64 Flying geese units. (done)
                Take 64 geese units from Step 2 and sew them to the 64 units you just made. (done)
                 Cut 145 squares 3.5 inches (done)
Step Five:  Cut 64 squares 3.5 inches, but not the ones cut above. (done)
                 Cut 128 squares 2 inches (done)
                 Sew the 128 squares to the larger 3.5 inch squares at the corners. (done)
                 Cut 16 -  5.5 squares. (0)  
                 Cut the 16 squares with an "X" for 64 quarter square triangles (0)
Step Six:   Sew and cut 128 Stacked brick blocks. (108)


Jean said...

It's looking good! It's easy to read through and not get all the direction! We all do it! Cant' wait to see it finished!

phigginb said...

You are forgiven, Patti