Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here,  Unlike other years, I'm not madly trying to finish making Christmas gifts.  It feels kind of weird.  The other thing I miss, no special project to work on from Prairie Star Quilts.  Since the shop closed, it has left a little hole.

But.. a new year is soon to be upon us.  And I'm busy thinking of goals for 2013.  Will post more once I decide on the goals.

I am still in the middle of Step 4 of the Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  I have all of my stacked flying geese done.   I'm ready to start cutting out my green squares.  Steps and progress are listed below.

Introduction:  Gather fabrics.  (done).
Step One: 194 four-patch blocks. (done)
Step Two: Cut 128 "goose" triangles (done)
                 Cut 256 triangles for the "wings" (done)
                 Make 128 Flying geese units (done)
Step Three: Cut 64 two inch squares (done)
                  Cut 128 triangles for the wings (done)
                  Cut 64 larger half-square triangles (done)
                  Make 64 shaded 4 patches (done)
Step Four: Cut 64 "goose" triangles. (done)
                 Cut 128 triangles for the "wings". (done)
                Make 64 Flying geese units. (done)
                Take 64 geese units from Step 2 and sew them to the 64 units you just made. (done)
                 Cut 145 squares 3.5 inches (0)
Step Five:  Cut 64 squares 3.5 inches, but not the ones cut above. (0)
                 Cut 128 squares 2 inches (0)

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