Saturday, December 15, 2012

Easy Street Step Two Is Done!

I finished Step 2 of Easy Street Mystery Quilt this morning!  Yeah!! 

  My colors are kind of a dark red and beige/tan for the wings of the geese units.

Now to cutting out Step Three.  I'm even thinking of cutting out step 4 just to have that much done.

Introduction:  Gather fabrics.  (done).
Step One: 194 four-patch blocks. (done)
Step Two: Cut 128 "goose" triangles (done)
                 Cut 256 triangles for the "wings" (done)
                 Make 128 Flying geese units (done)
Step Three: Cut 64 two inch squares (0)
                  Cut 128 triangles for the wings (0)
                  Cut 64 larger half-square triangles (0)
                  Make 64 shaded 4 patches (0)
Step Four: Cut 64 "goose" triangles. (0)
                 Cut 128 triangles for the "wings". (0)
                Make 64 Flying geese units. (0)
                Take 64 geese units from Step 2 and sew them to the 64 units you just made. (0)
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