Friday, December 7, 2012

Step 3 Is Here!

Step 3 is here and I'm still on step 2!

But, I do feel good about what I have gotten done.  

All my flying geese are cut out and grouped together so I can sew them up.

The interesting thing I noted while cutting up my fabrics was that a number of them have this little corner piece cut out.  I know that is from the days of crafting and craft fairs.  Not sure what I made that I needed such a little piece.

Another golden oldie from the stash.  I get such a good feeling from using those now.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl about 5 or 6.  In the days before air conditioning in the summer time. (yes, I'm that old) I would take my crayons and coloring books out on the front porch and color.  One summer my goal was to color all the pages in my coloring books.  I did color all the pages in 2 books that summer.  And I would get such a feeling of accomplishment as I colored each page, getting closer and closer to my goal.  Amazing to get that same feeling now and have it bring back that memory.

And a finish to the week!  I gave my co-worker the Advent Calendar I made for her.  She will start using it next year.  This year she is giving her daughter a Christmas book each night before Christmas.  Next year she can add a note to the mittens as to which book they will read on that day.  What a great idea!

Introduction:  Gather fabrics.  (done).
Step One: 194 four-patch blocks. (done)
Step Two: Cut 128 quarter square triangles (done)
                 Cut 256 triangles for the wings (done)
                 Make 128 Flying geese units (0)
Step Three: Cut 64 two inch squares (0)
                  Cut 128 triangles for the wings (0)
                  Cut 64 larger half-square triangles (0)
                  Make 64 shaded 4 patches (0)


CeLynn said...

Those feeling of accomplishment/satisfaction when we get closer to reaching a goal are what keep us on the path! I love your paisley print :)

Your mitten Advent Calendar is super cute too :)

Jean said...

That advent calendar is adorable! I like the idea of giving/reading books every day to count down to Christmas.