Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quilt Day!

Yesterday, Saturday, was Quilt Day for Quilts From The Bluffs.  And it was our Christmas Potluck.

 We all had a wonderful time! 

The only downer was after lunch.  Everyone went back to work on whatever they were in the middle of before lunch, and one of the quilters cut her finger with the rotary cutter.  Thank goodness one of our other quilters is a nurse.  They ran her to the ER.  She is doing well, but they told her it would be about 3 months before it was fully healed.    After that, everyone was very careful when they were cutting.

So here is a public service announcement:  Watch what you are doing and be very careful when cutting fabric.  You may even want to invest in some cutting gloves.  It would make a great gift for Christmas, so add it to your wish list!
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