Friday, April 13, 2018

Cutting Bricks

I've been cutting bricks out of fabric.  These bricks are 5 inches long and I had been using my 2 inch strips but it felt like it was taking soooo long.  

So I turned to my big bin of 5 inch squares and it's feels like it's going so much faster.  Plus I'm getting a big variety of fabrics which I love.  When I make scrap quilts, the more the merrier!

I layer 5 of the 5 inch squares and cut the strips.  I do 2 cuts and I have 10 bricks.  I pin the 10 bricks and stack them in piles of 10.  So far I have 600 dark bricks cut.  I need over 1,000.  I'm excited to be using those charm squares.

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