Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays......

Monday was a rainy day.  We really didn't get too much rain, but it was perfectly timed for the garden and for me.  I decided to finish my "Hard Tack and Coffee" blocks and I did!  All 99 of them are done.  Each block has 15 pieces and measures 5 inches.

The one with the white label is the one that has 9.


Now for the setting squares.  I originally thought I wanted "black coffee" so I bought the dark brown fabric.  But here they are against the "coffee with cream".  Not sure which one I like the best.  I have all the fabric I need if I go with the dark brown.  But if I go for the tan, I have to go buy more fabric.

Decisions, decisions decisions.  

Guess I'm going to let it "brew" for a while and see which one wins.  Which one do you like best?
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