Friday, July 31, 2015


The Retreat quilt is done, but I'm not going to show it yet.  I'm going to show you after it's quilted.  I love how it came out.

Pulled more stash and made another table topper for the Retreat.  

The white fabric I used for the star points will be the border between the corner stones.  I even pulled more fabric for the next 3.  And then I'm done!

I had this kit for some time waiting for me to sew it up.  Since it's the same pattern I'm using I did it along with the one above.  They go together so fast and look so nice.

The bird fabric is the Iowa state bird, the gold finch.  Not sure when this fabric came out, but it's been some time ago.  There wasn't a date on the piece of fabric I had.

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Jean said...

Nice to have something with the IA goldfinch on it. Very pretty toppers. I can't wait to see the retreat quilt...are you quilting it or having it quilted?