Friday, July 10, 2015

Oh MY!

Oh my!  I can't believe how many little squares you can get from a strip of fabric.  I did see a chart on Pinterest that stated you can get 99 two inch squares from a fat quarter.  Still have a ways to go!

A small basket of squares, 4 sandwich bags with 100 squares each.  I did get the rest of the strips out of the drawer and crammed them into the bag.  At least I can shut the drawer now.

I also finished filling this little case with squares for 9 patches.  I did do a few as leaders and enders (you can see those in the other part of the case) when I was working on my Hard Tack and Coffee blocks.  But I forgot to count them.  The cutting doesn't take too long.  The bagging the 100 blocks does as I'm trying to have only one of a fabric in each bag.  This will be a good task for in front of the TV.
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