Thursday, July 9, 2015

In Keeping With Cleaning Out Strips

So, in keeping with cleaning out strips and making room for new ones, I found a couple more patterns I want to try.  First, this is the 2 inch strip drawer.  See how it's overflowing?

So are my pincushions!  Need to get those straightened out!

 And I have this bag of 2 inch strips.  

I found 3 patterns I want to make.  The first is from Bonnie Hunter's book "Adventures with Leaders & Enders".  The pattern is called "Rick Rack Nines" and I only need 2,610 squares.  

I also want to make "100-Patch Quilt"  by Wedding Dress Blues blogger, Deanna.  I only need 2,000 2 inch squares for that one.  And she has another quilt I want to make, "Growing Up Odd".  That quilt needs 2,500 squares.  It's amazing how many I have cut from the 2 inch strips.  As I'm cutting up the strips, I thought about 2 bags of scraps I have.  I'd get more variety from that.  May switch to that once I can close the drawer.

I also have been working for some time on a "Scrap Vomit" or "Technicolor Yawn" by Katy at "Monkey Do" blog  I would share the pattern but she has currently taken a leave from her blog and you can't reach her tutorials.  You can see the quilt here

Guess I need to get cutting!

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