Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Piecing

I've been doing some more piecing on my "Four Patch Plaid" quilt.  There are 22 blocks in a row as I'm working on a queen size quilt.  And trying to keep the rows and the blocks in the row straight has been tricky.  I did figure out this for tracking the rows.

I have a packet of self sticking note sheets and I cut up one of the sheets and set it on either side of the row I'm working on.  It has really helped me out.  I'm on row 7 or 8 and there are 22 rows.  I have one little project left on my list for Connie's Game.  I'm hoping next month is one of the big ones, (this one) so it's out of the way before I go back to work the end of August. 

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