Thursday, July 18, 2013

Connie's Game - UFO Number Two

I have UFO number 2 done for Connie's Game.  Yea!! 

Close up of a kitty face.
Their little faces don't show up well, I'm thinking that's why this one never got finished.  I would do 2 at a time of the same fabrics, just different size shirts.  Since I wasn't fond of the way the first one came out, I didn't hurry to finish the second one.  I used a Pigma pen to do the faces.  But, at least it's done and off to Goodwill and out of my sewing room.  YES!


Jean said...

good job, I'm still giggling that you finished it for the goodwill. Now just watch someone you know buy it!

Deb said...

I agree, Jean!!

Anonymous said...

I really kind of like this pattern on your quilt. They turned out well enough that you immediately recognize them as cats so I would put that closer to a success than a failure.

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