Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday I tried to be focused.  I focused on some household chores and on making red string blocks for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt.  I feel like I did fairly well.
I still have more blocks to make and I was running out of red strings so I raided my 3.5 inch strips of red.  I cut some of them 1.5 inch and 1 inch so I would use the whole strip.  Then I realized I could also cut them 1.25 and 1 inch.  Eureka!  (I like the variety of widths.  And it's the little things in life.)

Today has not been so focused.  Any time I leave the house it takes me a while to get back into the groove of the project.  And I left two times, so you can only guess how unfocused I am!  Not as much progress today.

It's no wonder I have so many UFO's.
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