Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Add It Up and Box Number Three

Here it is, Wednesday!  Time for add it up.  Loving the progress I'm making.

Step 1  228 quarter square triangles - DONE
Step 2   72 blue string blocks - DONE
Step 3  350 half square triangles - DONE
Step 4    64 red string blocks -DONE
Step 5  700 black triangles -600 are cut out
Step 6  112  2.5 inch black squares -DONE
            112  2.5 inch light squares - DONE
              52 2.5 inch red squares - DONE
              26 light Ohio Star blocks - DONE
              26 dark Ohio Star blocks - DONE
Step 7  sew the 700 black triangles to the 350 half square triangles (2 on each side) - zero
Step 8  127 red string triangles combined with the 254 half square winged triangles - zero
            100 half square winged triangles set with 100 light triangles - zero
Step 9  The big finish  put all of the blocks together in rows and sew rows together. -zero
Step 10  Make borders using 100 blocks made in Step 8. - zero

 Now for box number 3.

These are leftover from the Craft Fair days.  I have 7 half towels and the tops are made for all of them.  The paper pattern in the upper left belonged to my mother.  I made a plastic template to use when I made them. I'm going to finish these off and keep them.  They need to be sewn together, a button hole made and a button sewn on.  May take a while, as I'm going to squeeze it in while working on Orca Bay.


Miranda said...

Wow, you've been busy! You are making great progress on your mystery quilt! Way to go on cleaning up your closet. I'm kinda curious to see what else come out of there :)

Jean said...

Keep are on a roll! Love the unveiling of the boxes of older projects! Guess I'm just looking to see if I had some of that fabric too. lol

Connie said...

Have fun with your Orca Bay, it is a beautiful to get mine quilted......

Deb said...

I have this pattern too! I wish I had cute Snoopy towels!!