Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Add It Up Wednesday

I'm so excited for this weeks numbers.  (I guess it helps to skip a week. LOL)

Step 1  228 quarter square triangles - DONE
Step 2   72 blue string blocks - DONE
Step 3  350 half square triangles - DONE
Step 4    64 red string blocks -55 done
Step 5  700 black triangles -20 are cut out
Step 6  112  2.5 inch black squares -DONE
            112  2.5 inch light squares - DONE
              52 2.5 inch red squares - DONE
              26 light Ohio Star blocks - DONE
              26 dark Ohio Star blocks - DONE
Step 7  sew the 700 black triangles to the 350 half square triangles (2 on each side) - zero
Step 8  127 red string triangles combined with the 254 half square winged triangles - zero
            100 half square winged triangles set with 100 light triangles - zero
Step 9  The big finish  put all of the blocks together in rows and sew rows together. -zero
            Make borders using 100 blocks made in Step 8. - zero

Like I said, I'm so excited as I finished all the half square triangles.  Adding the black triangles to them is going to be another major task.  Just keep plugging a away!


The Sunflower Patch said...

You are plugging right along! Getting a whole lot closer too :) Bet it is looking great.

Deb said...

Woo-hoo! You are making great progress!