Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still In Progress

My Orca Bay Mystery quilt is still in progress.  I worked on it tonight.  I did more half square triangles and I also made 2 red string blocks.  Kind of fun to be working on the string blocks.  I love making those.

My decluttering efforts has taken a turn to the cooking side, the freezer to be exact.  I have been planning and cooking meals using items in the freezer.  It is starting to have a little room in it, which is nice.  Early spring I want to defrost the freezer.  It's an upright freezer, not real big, but big enough for my husband and myself.  And I have been amazed at how much food we have in it.

PS  Happy Valentine's Day!!


The Sunflower Patch said...

Even a little progress is better than no progress! De-clutering is also a very good thing :) Looking forward to seeing the finished Mystery quilt!

phigginb said...

I found your comment about your freezer funny, big enough for you and Rick . In case you go missing....