Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, just not boring you with night after night of the progress of the Orca Bay Mystery quilt.  But tonight is Add It Up Wednesday, so you will get to find out where I am.  LOL

Step 1  228 quarter square triangles - DONE
Step 2   72 blue string blocks - DONE
Step 3  350 half square triangles - 230 done  All are cut out.
Step 4    64 red string blocks -24 done
Step 5  700 black triangles -20 are cut out
Step 6  112  2.5 inch black squares -DONE
            112  2.5 inch light squares - DONE
              52 2.5 inch red squares - DONE
              26 light Ohio Star blocks - DONE
              26 dark Ohio Star blocks - DONE
Step 7  sew the 700 black triangles to the 350 half square triangles (2 on each side) - zero
Step 8  127 red string triangles combined with the 254 half square winged triangles - zero
            100 half square winged triangles set with 100 light triangles - zero
Step 9  The big finish  put all of the blocks together in rows and sew rows together. -zero
            Make borders using 100 blocks made in Step 8. - zero

I discovered tonight that I really needed to add another step to this.  The 700 black triangles weren't listed as being used.

And now for some fun.  Last night was the Piecemakers Quilt Guild Of Western Iowa.  Our program was vintage baby quilts.  Your own, those you made for your children, your grandchildren or have collected.  What amazing quilts.  Lots of quilts with embroidery.  I had forgotten what an art that was during the first part of the century.  There were yo yo quilts, a sunbonnet sue, nursery rhymes and one lady made quilts that had a pocket for a stuffed animal or baby.  Like a kangaroo with a baby in her pouch, rock a bye baby with a baby in the cradle.  So wonderful!

A vintage display set up by one of our members.

A close up of the puppy quilt.  They were all appliqued with embroidered eyes and collars.

A baby quilt I fell in love with.  Love the colors.

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The Sunflower Patch said...

That is a super cute doggie quilt! The blue and white one is sweet too.
You are making great progress on your Orca Bay quilt :)