Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Hope It's Working

I'm hoping the computer is working.  It's still been slow and some sites won't load, so not sure if it's totally fixed.  But we'll give it a go, as I really miss being able to blog.

First, a little catch up.  The last 2 weekends I took a class on using the Twister Ruler.  It's really fun and much easier than the directions looked like.  Here is the final quilt before I started cutting out the Twisters.
I was going to put the yellow squares where the 4 white squares are, but I ripped out the wrong row, so I just went with that.
I got the first 2 rows done in class and then I started to have problems with my machine.  I ended up leaving a little early, but when I got home and changed bobbins, it worked just fine.  Not sure what the problem was.  This weekend with all the snow,
View from my sewing room.

I was able to finish the top and it's now ready for the borders to be added.  I am going to use a dark brown for the 1st border and I need to buy some fabric from this line for the outside border.  I am so happy with the way this turned out.

And I'm just as excited over this new (to me) way of hemming jeans that I found on Pinterest.  Check this out!  SO easy!  I have some cords I'm going to try it on next.


The Sunflower Patch said...

Yay,you are back :) Missed reading your posts while you were waiting for your computer to come back home!
Love how your Twister is turning out too! Will have to check out the jean hemming thing.

Miranda said...

Karen, it looks so great!! Good time for snow huh? We are still brown here. Can't wait to see it with the borders on :)

Deb said...

Yeah!! You're back!! I've missed you!