Monday, September 27, 2010

Spider Web Quilting Design

I'm working on a table topper that I got at Prairie Star Quilts a couple of years ago. I decided to do a spider web design on it. First I did a big X then a big +(plus). I thought I would just wing it on the connecting lines and then thought better of it. First, I know me and I wouldn't be able to handle the wonkyness of it. Second, marking it made it so much easier to quilt.

I marked the X and the + every 2 inches as you can see with the yellow headed pins. I then took a fabric marker and a ruler and drew lines between each arm of the X and +. Much happier. The picture on the right and below shows how I had to go beyond the edge of the quilt in spots in order to get the lines I wanted. The corners just have parts of the connecting web. I'll show you another picture when I'm done.
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