Sunday, September 12, 2010

King-Size Quilt

I started this King-size quilt in February after seeing a quilt at It's the ragged squares quilt and she has it listed under the tutorials. I fell in love with it and decided that I wanted to make one like it only I thought instead of sewing the squares on top of each other and then quilting, I would have the adding of the squares be the quilting for each.
Decided I would do it a strip at a time and then seam the strips together using a french seam. I have 2 strips done out of the 16 and this is the project I am taking to the Retreat. All of my squares are cut out, hope I have enough. I used up most of my valentine fabric and pulled from my red and pink stashes. I'm excited to have a chunk of time to work on this as this is one of my goals for 2010, to make a King-size quilt. Now I have to go get the last 2 strips of batting cut and I'm ready to pack this for the Retreat. (By the way, my husband isn't really excited by the colors, but was glad I used fabric I already had. I'm sure once he finds out how warm this is, he won't mind the pinks.) The backing is 4 different batiks in pink or lime green with pink. You could use the quilt either way, but not sure my husband will be any more thrilled with that. ;-)
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