Monday, September 6, 2010


Fear is such a paralyzer. I have been afraid to start these curtains for the skylights on the west side of the house, for fear of messing them up. I know where this fear started. I have made curtains for years for all of the places I have lived. So when my grandson needed some curtains, I volunteered to make them. They were navy blue in color so I knew they would need a lining. No problem.
First thought, layer the 2 pieces and handle the way I would a quilt. Wrong. The white lining showed. Did some research and read that if you make the lining 1 inch smaller than the curtain, it will be fine. So I did. And it was fine. Finished off the curtains and took them to my grandson's room. One panel is 2 inches shorter than the other panel. Darn! Left the curtains and proceeded to buy some for his room. So you can understand my fear when my husband asked me to make curtains for the skylights in the family room.
It only took 2 trips to Hancock Fabrics (sounds like my husband when he's doing a home repair project) and ripping out only one casing. I think they came out pretty well, so I'm now ready to THINK about the lined curtains for my husbands home office.
I also finished the pieced binding for the quilt at church.
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