Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Day

Not sure if these count as starting a new project, but I have been cutting out 5 inch squares since the beginning of the year and the drawer I keep them in is getting full. So decided to sew some of them together to make more room for more squares. I want to make a "Nickel Quilt" from one of the books I have, "Nickel Quilts" or "More Nickel Quilts". Both books are by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. Once I get more done, will decide which one I want to do. Although I am leaning towards doing a twin size version of "Four-Patch Plaid" only using what fabrics I have and not worrying about plaid.

My 15 minutes was used to finish my block. Good thing I got it done, as I got directions for the next 2 blocks in the mail yesterday.
I also was thinking more about the reorg last summer and in addition to getting the basement set up, my friend Karen, from PSQs came over and helped me set things up in my sewing room. She is soooo organized, in a way I'll never be. And I love how she helped me get things going. I still have homework from that day, but I'm making progress!
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