Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Started

I decided to start blogging about my quilting/sewing as I found on Facebook, when I make a committment in public, I stick to it better. So this is the beginning and a little background on why I decided it was time to take the plunge.

I store most of my fabric in the basement as I have soooo much. (You could almost say that I hoard fabric.) Last summer there was a water accident in the basement. I have all of the lower shelves of fabric in plastic bins and some of the upper shelves had cardboard boxes. Well, the pipe leading to the outside water spout cracked. And what was weird about it, it only leaked when the spout was in use. Didn't realize that it had happened until the day that my husband used that spout almost all afternoon. There was a crash in the basement and the upper cardboard boxes had gotten sooo heavy with wet fabric that it broke the shelf. The fabric in the boxes was mainly wool and so when they were wet, they were really heavy. I was able to felt some of the wool when I washed it. Some didn't felt so well or was just a mess. Ended up having to throw most of that fabric away. :-(

I spent most of last summer going through all of the boxes and converting them to plastic storage boxes and getting rid of old projects from the days of crafting. If it wasn't fabric it didn't get to live in my basement. So at the beginning of the year, 2010, I decided this was the year of sewing/quilting and using my fabric. I started by using Facebook to get started. I am working on a project a month, finishing up UFOs or WIPs. Plus I want to get a quilt done for our kingsize bed. So that brings us to now. I'll show you what I have done so far this year and will post on progress of new projects/UFOs/WIPs. Take a deep breath and lets go!
Pictured at the top is my January project, a wool tablerunner. I love handstitching wool. This was a kit I purchased at Prairie Star Quilts in ElkHorn, IA. It's my favorite local quilt shop.

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