Saturday, July 8, 2017

Third Grade Quilt

I want to show you the quilt that the third grade class made this year.  I work with this grade, so it was fun helping the Art Teacher, Mrs. B. with this project.

Our school mascot is the road runner and the Art teacher made the center block.  All the blocks that surround the center are made by the students.  They first drew a design on paper and using recycled fabric, they cut out the design and sewed the pieces to a foundation fabric.  I spent lots of time threading needles as the students used a running stitch to sew the pieces to the foundation.  I was impressed at how well some of them could sew!

Years ago, the library teacher had used fabric for bulletin boards.  We found that fabric in the basement in storage and use some for the center sashing.  That fabric was also used for the backing of the quilt.  It was fun talking to the students about how to reuse items and to recycle.
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