Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fabric From The Basement

You may remember me telling you about the fabric that was found in the basement at school.  We used some of the fabric for the making of the Third Grade Quilt.  Well here is how I used some more of that fabric.

  There were 2 of the dog panels and lots of the green pine trees, so I was able to make two of these.  I used some cute dog fleece fabric I had in my stash for the backing.  Now I need to see what else I have in my stash to use for the backing for the other top or see if there is enough of some of the basement fabric to use for backing.

I'm taking these back to school so they can be used by the students when they visit the nurse's office.  The secretary said she would take them home and wash them after they are used so that we aren't spreading germs.

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