Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Picture Of The Last UFO For 2013

Finally, a picture of my last UFO for Connie's Game.  :-)

The day is sunny and not too cold, so perfect time to take a picture outside.  This is my husband with his Christmas gift from me, an Iowa quilt.  The pattern is BQ from Maple Island Quilts.  I love this pattern as it's fast and easy to do.  The top is cotton and it has batting with a backing of fleece.  A nice warm quilt for the weather ahead.  Snow tomorrow and colder temps by the weekend.  Good thing I got out today to get this picture.


Quilts from the Bluffs said...

Nice quilt. I may have to break down one day and make a Hawkeyes quilt for Scot.

CeLynn said...

Our weather must be moving your way,as we are supposed to get a little warm up.

Your hubby looks very happy to be showing off his new quilt! Congrats on another finish for the year ending!

Rachel said...

Beautiful quilt! And will be well loved by that Hawkeye Fan of yours!!

Stitches said...

I have several family members that would love that quilt as much as you're husband does, I'm sure..very nice.