Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year Is About To Begin

A new year is about to begin!  With that comes my list of projects I want to do for 2014.  As you know last year I was a part of the UFO challenge called Connie's Game with Country Threads.  ( I did complete 11 of my 12 projects for 2013.)  Plus a couple of others that were not on the list.  SO... Here is this year's list...

Six of the projects are UFOs, the rest are projects I want to finish in 2014.  Plus, who knows what other projects will come along.  I know for sure that I will be helping my friend Patti again with Wings Of Hope, Women Helping Women Dinner.  Not on the list is Celtic Solstice, I just want to complete the top.

So how about you?  Are you going with any UFO challenges this year?  Or have you made a list of projects you want to complete?

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