Friday, December 20, 2013

How Do I Keep Up?

I just can't seem to figure out how to keep up.  LOL  I'm still on step one of Bonnie's mystery.  I had to get together with Jeanine who heads the Quilts From The Bluffs quilt ministry to collect some blue fabric to use.

This past Saturday was our Christmas Party/Quilt Day.  We had lots of good food and fellowship.  (Isn't that what quilting is all about? )  I worked on string blocks.

We make these blocks for twin size quilts for a local agency, Children's Square.  We had such a nice note from this agency letting us know how much the children love the quilts.

My friend Rachel inspired me to work on these again as she just finished a top of string blocks.  She also gave me a wonderful tip.  She said she went through the bin of strings she had and pulled all the ones that were long, to be used in the center.  Saved her lots of time when starting the blocks. She said this is a great job for doing while you're watching TV.  So I put her tip to good use.

Little bin in front, that is overflowing, are the long strips.  Bin in back are all of the shorter strips.  Today, Friday, is the last day of work.  I have a 2 week break.  Hoping I'll be able to spend some time sewing during the break.


Jean said...

The blocks look great! Have a nice break and get some sewing done!

Rachel said...

Karen, Glad to be an inspiration to you, I am publicly acknowledging YOU as my inspiration to 15 minutes of sewing each day. That is in my brain and
I think of you each day while trying to sew! Merry Christmas and happy string sewing and piecing!