Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Last Step Of Celtic Solstice

Bonnie just revealed her last step of Celtic Solstice.  And I am still on Step 1.  But I love the quilt!  I have 60 of the 140 orange Tri Recs triangles done.  And I'm very happy with that.  I'm slow and steady at sewing when it comes to all those pieces.  I do have all of the white/cream triangles cut out, just need the blue edges to go with them.

At first I think I was kind of overwhelmed by the number of triangles needed.  Plus working and Christmas.  But with the break from work, I'm feeling I can handle it.  Just have to not think about all the pieces that need to be done.  Just think about the section I'm working on now.  And for me, that means NOT thinking about all the white/cream triangles yet.  No, I'm not whining.  I'm explaining how I go about handling large projects.  Split them into groups of 10 and only think about getting at least 10 done a day.  If it's more get done, that's a blessing!

How do you handle large projects?


Rachel said...

Karen, you seem to be explaining the 15 minutes of sewing a day! Good explanation and fun to see the pieces before they are incorporated into your masterpiece of a quilt!! Glad you are enjoying your break! Happy New Years and see you soon at a quilting event!

phigginb said...

So I saw a quote just today about a mindset regarding weight loss but it could easily work for large projects. We do ourselves the biggest benefits by focusing on " the journey" and not so much on results. As you say it is overwhelming to think about all those pieces but I guess just enjoy the process ! Hope this makes sense , it clicked with me when I read it. Patti

Jean said...

I agree. Keep plugging away and you will be finished with that section before you know it!