Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Love Progress!

I love progress!  I have 23 of my 30 double nine-patch blocks done.  Yea!  I did come up with a little system for doing more than one at a time.  I used my leader/ender block as a demarcation between the blocks.  I have each block at a different stage so I don't get confused.  (And I can get confused fast when trying to work with multiples.)  Here is a picture:

See the blue block?  That is the block from Celtic Solstice.  I have 50 of those done now!  Whoohoo!  It does take me a while to make one block because, as I've said before, I am a pinner.

Tomorrow school has been called off as it's going to be really cold.  I get an extra day to sew!


Jean said...

Looks great! I like to string it all together, seems to go faster and you don't use as much bobbin!

It's sort of fun having a snow/cold day, even if we have already been off for 2 weeks! Enjoy!

Phyllis said...

Love your idea for seperating the blocks. That would really help keep your place. I love chaining. It moves things along so fast. I wil move heaven and earth to figure out how I can chain everything!